kasalis innovative active alignment using six degrees of freedom

About Us

Kasalis is a global supplier of advanced manufacturing systems for optoelectronics, offering the next generation of active alignment equipment for the precision assembly of optics and optical devices. Our mission is to promote the widespread use of active alignment technologies. Our active alignment technology in particular was designed to very high standards with a goal of surpassing passive alignment in performance, quality, and cost.

In optical alignment, our primary areas of focus are in the assembly of compact camera modules and projection modules. Should customers be interested in a wider range of services, Kasalis has been a part of Jabil Optics, a division of Jabil Circuit (NYSE:JBL), since 2015 and we offer customers access to the many design, manufacturing, and industrialization capabilities available through Jabil. Given our extensive network of support, we are capable of working on major projects, securely protecting sensitive IP, and ensuring that customers have peace of mind, knowing that Kasalis has financial strength, competence, and a parent company that truly adds value to our customer relationships.

Since the founding of Kasalis, it has focused on advancing new technologies that promote the accuracy and cost-effectiveness of alignment, attach, and testing of compact optical components. Having developed sophisticated machines that streamline the alignment, adhesive, and testing process for optoelectronic devices, Kasalis has forged a new path toward enabling technology, allowing our customers to nimbly stay ahead of competitors while leading the latest market trends and addressing industry challenges. Kasalis prides itself on its customer-inspired features and unique technical design. Through our innovative product line and fast turnaround time, our systems enable customers to bring new cutting-edge technology products to market with speed and confidence.

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