Kasalis Applications

Adaptive Optical Assembly Engineered For Excellence

Our industry expertise in optics translates to numerous end uses and applications. Pictured here are the most visible and exciting technology use cases for the work being done at Kasalis.

Man waving in front of computer
gesture recognition

Command smart phones, tablets, and computers with hand movements

Women wearing AR goggles
Augmented Reality

Combine digitally projected images with the real world in AR goggles

Man taking photo with mobile phone
Mobile Cameras

the most accurate compact camera images aligned for optimal clarity

Image in car dashboard showing child playing close to vehicle

Providing premium views and safety for drivers around the world

Woman in front of computer
facial recognition

Biometric scanning for access control. no need for keys or passwords

Man wearing VR goggles
Virtual Reality

high definition projection for ultimate gaming experiences

Woman gesturing towards car dashboard controls
touchless control

use hand movements instead of touching dashboard control buttons

security camera in residence

Forward-thinking solutions for security camera applications

3D Imaging printer
3d imaging

creating capability to measure objects in 3d to use as models for 3d printing

360°Camera image
360° Cameras

cameras that capture every angle, creating a 360-degree virtual world

Graphic projected on windshield in front of driver
Head up display

Projection of images, such as navigation, on windshield for safer driving

Man in car driver's seat reading a magazine

Laser depth sensing for ADAS and autonomous driving