Use our secure FTP site to download and upload large documents.
You will need a username and password from Kasalis to get access to the site,

Method 1: (Windows OS Only) Use Windows Explorer

For PC users who have Windows, we recommend this method. Open your Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) window by right clicking on the start button, then copy the following link to the address bar:

The following dialog box will appear. Enter your username and password given to you by Kasalis.

kasalis client

You will then see a window for the FTP site. Now you can drag and drop to and from this window on your desktop to download and upload files.

Method 2: (MAC OS Only) Connect to Server

Choose Go > "Connect to Server"
Type the network address, i.e. the ftp site in the Server Address text box, and then click Connect.

You will be asked for the username and password, which will be given to you by Kasalis.

Method 3: (all OS) Use an FTP Client

For Windows, Linux, and MacOS, if you prefer to use an FTP client, we recommend FileZilla. Filezilla is a free, open source FTP client. It can be downloaded here:

Once you have FileZilla on your computer, you will need to put the following information in the ribbon at the top of the FileZilla screen:

Username: (this will be given to you by Kasalis)
Password: (this will be given to you by Kasalis)
Port: 21

Method 4: Use a Web Browser

The interface using a browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome is not as graphical as the other options, but can be used by copying the link into the web browser and logging in with the information provided to you by Kasalis. This is our least recommended method.

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