new products with camera module alignment

Customer Support

We gauge our success by the success of our customers. Therefore, we offer ongoing support to customers to meet our goals of helping them to both implement our systems successfully and achieve their own objectives. Of course, that includes an emphasis on keeping all customers’ information and IP absolutely secure.

The modular design of our Pixid assembly systems was created with serviceability in mind. Using remote diagnostic tools in conjunction with phone support, Kasalis' service department can provide real-time assistance to our customers. Most system issues can be resolved using remote support to get you back to production as soon as possible. Of course, if a problem cannot be resolved remotely, we will provide on-site support to get you up and running. In addition to support services offered out of our US headquarters, Kasalis has local support teams in Europe and Asia to provide on-site support to our customers across the globe.

For further customer assistance and services, including prototype building and manufacturing, our customers have direct access to Jabil Optics, which can provide a vast array of services to complement our own. We will connect customers to the appropriate Jabil team and ensure that there is a smooth, seamless transition to their next phase.

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