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Careers at Kasalis

Our philosophy is to develop technologies that solve existing and upcoming challenges in our markets. We have dedicated ourselves to truly changing the world of active alignment by providing manufacturing technologies that enable new products to come to market. We strive to leap ahead of the competition by meeting customer challenges head-on and approaching everything with an attitude of transparency, innovation, and solid leadership.

As a technology-focused enterprise, we are looking to grow our team with talented engineers and scientists who are thought leaders in optoelectronics. We want employees who will not shy away from thinking outside the box. When you work here, you will contribute in a major way to the overall improvement of the camera module manufacturing industry. Your work will be duly appreciated.

If you are interested in working at Kasalis and feel that you will add value to our organization, see our open positions here (please note that this link will bring you to the Jabil Optics website, where all jobs here at Kasalis are listed in their Burlington, MA office).

Why Work at Kasalis?

We are very passionate about our technology, and it shows in our strong company culture. Your fellow K-team members are all high energy top-performers, and always willing to lend a hand to help you to succeed. You will be given plenty of opportunity to take responsibility, and will have access to senior leadership both in the company and in our brand-name customer companies. Kasalis has a Silicon Valley feel to it, where taking risks in the pursuit of advancing technology is encouraged. And, of course, snacks and drinks are always in plentiful supply! We are in a very convenient location, in the heart of Burlington’s Northwest Technology Park (just off I-95 and Route 3).

Pay is competitive, and we offer a full package of benefits (medical, dental, life insurance, paid vacation, flexible hours, outings and events).

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