kasalis innovative active alignment using six degrees of freedom

Active Alignment Markets

Kasalis customers come from a wide variety of companies in high tech markets, including mobile phone, consumer electronics, computer manufacturing, medical imaging, security camera, automotive camera, gesture-recognition devices, and micro projection fields.

Our markets include cutting edge applications that are dependent upon having precision imaging or projecting via extremely compact optics. Following the same trend as Moore’s law, which states that computing power generally doubles about every two years, optoelectronic devices have consistently improved in quality and functionality, and the optics, above all, require on-par technology assembling them to meet the quality standards and goals of manufacturers.

Camera Module Markets

compact camera modules for smartphone, laptop, infrared/IR, security, mobile phone

Projection Module Markets

compact projection modules for gesture recognition, 3D imaging, gaming, and AR, VR, augmented and virtual reality applications

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