Pixid series camera module alignment and test systems

The Pixid Series: Active Alignment for Optics

Our signature active alignment system, the Pixid, was originally designed to perform automated active alignment and assembly for high precision compact camera modules, and is now used in additional applications that include augmented and virtual reality projection systems and gesture recognition optics. The Pixid brings innovation to the industry by offering a powerful and fast active alignment and test system that is more efficient, more compact, and less costly than others on the market. In addition, our proprietary Adaptive Intelligence™ software adjusts the alignment algorithm in real time to achieve greater yield. Using customer feedback from some of the world’s biggest technology companies, Kasalis has designed these systems to leapfrog the existing technology and meet the future needs of advanced technology products that require high performance optics at the smallest scale.

Pixid systems are powerful and built tough for industrial production, where reliability of operation and MTTR are critical performance metrics. All Pixid systems are modular end-to-end: modular mechanics, electronics, and software. Modules are easy to swap out, upgrade, and customize, which means that the systems can be updated to new technologies and new products, keeping your production line investment current and competitive. We offer these base models: the Pixid 300 and Pixid 500; each can be customized to customer preferences. To find out which Pixid model is right for you, please download our brochure or contact us.

Camera module alignment, assembly, and test systems for high volume production: Pixid 300

Pixid 300 Series

The Pixid 300 series offers active alignment and test systems for high volume camera module manufacturing.

An automated active alignment and test system, the Pixid 300 performs alignment in five or six degrees of freedom, automated adhesive application, and UV cure. Using parallel processing, the Pixid 300 systems offer a TAKT time of only 15 seconds, or 240 UPH. For final testing purposes, the Pixid 300 can test 240 UPH; test packages are available for advanced lens, camera, and sensor testing.

Camera module alignment, assembly, and test systems for low volume production: Pixid 100

Pixid 500 Series

The Pixid 500 series is similarly suitable for high volume camera module manufacturing, and offers a higher UPH for narrow FOV optics.

The Pixid 500 model is a larger version of the Pixid 300 with a modular design that also provides automated active alignment, adhesive application, and UV cure. It efficiently produces more units per hour than the Pixid 300, about 360-450 UPH, depending on a number of factors.

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