projection module alignment for vr and ar

Projection Systems

Augmented and Virtual Reality Projection Systems

Compact projectors for augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), including in-eye projectors, require accuracy and clarity for their numerous high tech applications. The Pixid assembly systems we design at Kasalis will align optics in up to six degrees of freedom to produce the best possible projection module. We have built a powerful and fast active alignment and test system that will assemble projector optics using sophisticated equipment that provides greater value than others on the market.

These up and coming consumer technologies, AR and VR, call for high performance projection modules that will allow ease of use for those wearing a headset or glasses mere inches from their eyes. In the competitive world of gaming and consumer electronics, an outstanding projection system will be a key differentiator. For more information on Pixid assembly systems, please download our brochure or contact us.

Gesture Recognition Systems

Kasalis works closely with developers of gesture recognition technology to create cutting edge devices that will be effective in detecting and analyzing the physical cues of its end users. In these applications, micro-projectors are used to project patterns onto the end user, and then, using IR camera modules, give the computer feedback on how those points of light are moving. Our active alignment technology is used to align the optics to the laser source, producing, with high precision, the structured light patterns required to enable this technology.

Gesture recognition has been hailed as the next big thing in technology, offering users the ability to control a variety of electronics, from tablets and computer games to tables embedded with screens. Kasalis is dedicated to ensuring that the physical components of these systems interact with the user as accurately as possible. For more information, please download our brochure or contact us.

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