compact camera module (CCM) alignment using six degrees of freedom

Advanced Testing

Optical Tests

Choose from a wide variety of camera module tests for our Pixid assembly and test systems. Our test suite is the most comprehensive in the industry. Whether you use the tests for in-process testing and characterization or post-process final testing and validation, the tests are state-of-the-art and consistent, with a cycle time matched to your production. Plus, if you need a unique test, we have designed Pixid systems to be flexible; they can call an API to a custom test program.

Test data acquired by the system is fed into the Adaptive Intelligence™ system allowing for automatic, real-time process improvements. Pass/fail criteria are configurable, allowing for the automatic rejection of failed devices to improve efficiency of upstream processes. Optical tests available for Pixid systems include: MTF, focus symmetry, field curvature, image contrast, centration, chromatic abberation, astigmatism, field of view, hot/dead pixels, dark signal, dark signal non-uniformity, temporal noise, color reproduction, dynamic range, and particle detection.

    Product Tests

    Our product tests include the following: Cross Sectioning tests, Drop tests, Pull tests, and Shear tests.

    Electrical Tests

    Our primary electrical test is a Current Draw test.

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