new products with camera module alignment


New Product Introduction

Our customers rely on Kasalis to advance their manufacturing base, enabling new cutting-edge optoelectronics and camera module products to be brought to the marketplace with a first-mover advantage. Kasalis offers design for manufacturing (DFM), leveraging our extensive optoelectronics manufacturing experience, to help customers avoid design pitfalls. We also offer process prototyping, using in-house development stations, to demonstrate the capabilities of our systems and prove manufacturability of your product to minimize risk prior to production. In addition, further expertise is available through our colleagues at Jabil Optics, who are ready to help in the design and optimization of your new product manufacturing process.

Lease or Purchase Options

Our leasing programs allow for rapid delivery of systems to our customers for use with internal R&D, pre-production line qualification, or production ramp up. There are many advantages to leasing, including minimizing risk, using equipment for pre-production demonstrations, and incurring fewer costs prior to scaling up production.

Purchasing systems from Kasalis also offers advantages, including rapid delivery for quick production ramp-up, process and product customization, and satisfaction in having an excellent value for this type of sophisticated system for mid- to long-term utilization.

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